The Rise, The Fall, The Resurrection, The Redemption

Presented by Brother Cleve
06-08-2018 12:00PM
Pier 66 Panorama Ballrooms

A history of tropical restaurants and drinks, beginning in the 1920’s, the peak in the 50’s/60’s, the decline in the 70’s/80’s, and the 90’s resurrection leading to the state of its current rebirth. Musician/bartender Brother Cleve, presents the cultural elements that the Tiki phenomenon influenced or was influenced by, from the Hawaiian music fad of the early 1900’s, through the rise of the Zombie in the 1940’s, to the Post 2nd War Hawaiian mania which coincided with its statehood in 1959. Filled with photos, music, cocktails, plus an amazing Tiki video “infomercial” from the 1980’s, it’s everything you always wanted to know about Tiki but were afraid to ask!