The Hukilau presents a variety of speakers and performers to enrich your tiki culture experience during the week.

High End Rum Tasting

Presented by Ian Burrell
06-10-2017 12:30PM
Curious what a $200 bottle of rum tastes like? Here is your chance to find out. Join Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador, as he guides you through a tasting of 6 different rums. The rums have been selected to highlight differences in taste and style, and includes rums from Mount…

Learn to dance the Hula!

Presented by
06-09-2017 12:30PM
Pier 66 pool
Can you hula? Want to learn from one of the best? Join us on Friday at the lush Royal Palm Lawn near the Pier 66 pool as we have one of the lovely Mai-Kai dancers teach you the basics of the enchanting hula dance form. Lessons will last about 45…

Learn to Play the Ukulele!

Presented by
06-09-2017 12:00PM
Ready to channel your inner Don Ho? Here’s your chance to learn the basics of this classic Hawaiian instrument from one of the top ukulele performers at the Mai-Kai, Ty Olopai. In just under one hour you will learn the basics, and if you’re quick learner you might be entertaining…

Black Velvet in Paradise

Presented by Ron Ferrell
06-09-2017 4:00PM
Panorama Ballroom
Of course black velvet paintings are more than just Elvis and the Virgin Mary. Join us as Ron Ferrell takes us through a visual history of painting Polynesia on black velvet, and its introduction into Tiki bars. In addition to the early styles of black velvet paintings, Ron will highlight…

Mai-Kai: Untold Stories With Swanky

Presented by Tim "Swanky" Glazner
06-09-2017 12:00PM
Panorama Ballroom
Mai-Kai author and historian Tim “Swanky” Glazner has assembled an amazing group of current and former Mai-Kai employees for this symposium. Tim will lead us in a panel discussion as we hear the real history from the people who lived it. Tim’s amazing book on the Mai-Kai comes to life…

Nautical Tiki

Presented by Mike Skinner
06-10-2017 11:00AM
Panorama Ballroom
Ahoy shipmates! Take a look back at the heyday of Polynesian Pop Culture and how it was influenced by the spirit of adventure of sailing the high seas and exploring the South Pacific on a raft, schooner or the HMS Bounty. Journey with us now, just as our fore fathers…

The History of Rum in 10 Cocktails

Presented by Presented by Ian Burrell
06-09-2017 2:00PM
Panorama Ballroom
Who says history is boring? Join global rum ambassador Ian Burrell as he takes us through the history of rum through the lens of 10 classic cocktails. We never seem to get tired of drinking rum, and you’ll appreciate it even more after Ian’s presentation. A 5-time nominee for brand…