The Hukilau presents a variety of speakers and performers to enrich your tiki culture experience during the week.

The $1000 Rum Tasting

Presented by Ian Burrell
06-09-2018 11:30AM
Pier 66 Panorama Ballrooms
Unless you’re using $100 bills to light your cigar, you probably haven’t sampled one thoudand dollars of rum on a Saturday afternoon. Here’s your chance. International rum expert Ian Burrell will lead you through an informative and luxurious rum tasting. The final selections Ian makes (4 to 6 rums) will…

The Rise, The Fall, The Resurrection, The Redemption

Presented by Brother Cleve
06-08-2018 12:00PM
Pier 66 Panorama Ballrooms
A history of tropical restaurants and drinks, beginning in the 1920’s, the peak in the 50’s/60’s, the decline in the 70’s/80’s, and the 90’s resurrection leading to the state of its current rebirth. Musician/bartender Brother Cleve, presents the cultural elements that the Tiki phenomenon influenced or was influenced by, from…

Travel with Trader Sam

Presented by Kyle Barnes
06-08-2018 4:00PM
Pier 66 Panorama Ballrooms
What made the Jungle Cruise’s head salesman venture beyond Adventureland? Why open his first cocktail outpost at the Disneyland Resort? How did he land on the shores of Seven Seas Lagoon at Walt Disney World? Walt Disney Imagineer, Kyle Barnes will answer these questions and share rarely seen details from…

Who’s Your Daddy? The Pina Colada Paternity Test

Presented by Ian Burrell
06-08-2018 2:00PM
Pier 66 Panorama Ballrooms
Global Rum Ambassador Ian will show us the dark alleys and sordid secrets when trying to establish the history and true origin of famous cocktails. Who is the baby daddy of the Pina Colada? Don’t leave early and miss the dramatic reveal.

Mid Century Makeup: 3 Decades/3 Styles

Presented by Nicole Brauchler
06-09-2018 1:00PM
Pier 66 Panorama Ballroom
Both a historical perspective on makeup and a detailed “how to” for the Lauren Bacall look of the 40’s, the 50’s Marilyn Monroe, and Twiggy’s 1960’s look. While the champagne is served you will hear from makeup artist Nicole Brauchler, including live demonstrations of each of the signature styles. Just…

Go Go Aerobics with Angie Pontani

Presented by Angie Pontani
06-08-2018 11:00AM
Come check out the most fun you can have exercising . Angie will lead the group for an hour of go-go dancing. The more calories you burn, the more you can drink!

Eddie Angel Guitar Lesson

Presented by Eddie Angel
06-09-2018 11:00AM
Pier 66
Are you a guitar hero?  Or ready to become one? Here’s your chance to learn and play with one of the best. The Hukilau is pleased to announce a very special opportunity  – Surf Guitar Lesson & Workshop with Eddie Angel  That’s right! Renowned guitarist of Los Straitjackets, and Grammy…

Learn to dance the Hula!

Presented by
06-08-2018 1:30PM
Pier 66 pool
Can you hula? Want to learn from one of the best? Join us on Friday at the lush Royal Palm Lawn near the Pier 66 pool as we have one of the lovely Mai-Kai dancers teach you the basics of the enchanting hula dance form. Lessons will last about 45…

The Golden Age of Tiki and the South Pacific on Television

Presented by Ron Ferrell
06-09-2018 10:30AM
Pier 66 Panorama Ballrooms
Tikiphiles seem to have history and collecting in their blood. Lucky for us, Ron Ferrell started accumulating an enormous collection of film and video of tiki and polynesian pop – from Hollywod, TV, and commercials. Enjoy the viewing and commentary of this irreplaceable collection.