Get involved with The Hukilau and get noticed!

We believe context and experience are the core of brand activation. First and foremost, we focus on creating an amazing experience for our attendees (we call them villagers). We know that if we focus on that, good things will follow. In 2017 our post-event survey to our villagers generated a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 74. That puts us in the rarified company of Nordstrom’s and Ritz Carlton for customer satisfaction. However, we only see that as a sign we are on the right track, but so much more to do.

Our villagers are passionate, educated, and informed social influencers. They come from all over the U.S. and 10 other countries. The Hukilau is a visually rich experience that generates compelling content made to be shared. Our social media footprint is large, engaged, and growing.

Each brand has their own goals and objectives. We don’t work from a set menu of sponsorships. We like to hear your story, and objectives, and share ours as well. That gives us the foundation to find a plan for participation that supports your brand and our guest’s experience. We love our sponsors, and could not delight our guests without their support.

If you think our event might be a fit, contact us here, and we will be back to you ASAP.