Tonga Hut

The Tonga Hut in North Hollywood location is a neighborhood bar that holds the distinction of being L.A.’s oldest Tiki bar still in operation. The Tonga Hut first opened its doors in 1958 by brothers Ace & Ed Libby. Today much of the original decor still remains, including bamboo, pecky cedar walls, a kidney-shaped drop ceiling, fountains, and Tikis. It thrived in the  1960’s , but by the 70’s and 80’s it’s prosperity was a neighborhood watering hole. In 2005 the new (and current) owner took great pains to restore the Tonga Hut back to its former mid-century glory: The Tikis are back; the fountains are running again. Gone are the neon beer signs and in their place are custom velvet paintings of beautiful nubile island women by local artist Jasin Sallin. Its relaxed environment is enhanced by the soft dim lighting and red candles throughout the bar, creating a cozy feel that lets the outside world slip away into a distant memory.

Tonga’s talented bartenders conjure up classic drinks of the great Tiki bars of long ago, summoning its recipes of fine spirits, rums and freshly-squeezed lime and fruit juices, as well as an original menu of exotic – inspired by the classics, yet customized for its’ patrons today.


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