Tiki Tony

My wife, Alene, and I have been making tiki mugs since 2004. Now we sculpt every new mug collaboratively, where I rough it and she cleans it up and really gets into shape. She has taken my designs to new and better heights. She is a perfectionist, and only decides on a glaze color when it’s perfect for the design. She had always worked with me on creating paintings, and shirt designs, but has really taken over the ceramics. Our mugs from the pass 2 years have sold out at every show we’ve done. The mermaid, puffer fish, toucan, parrot, monkey and happy pineapple mug designs have been the favorites. I still carve driftwood toucans, puffer fish and tikis! Lately, I’ve been doing more logo design and illustration work for companies, restaurants, and bars like Jungle Bird in Sacramento, Under Tow in Phoenix, Tonga Hut in Palm Springs and Hollywood, and Trader Sam’s at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Since the birth of Violet a year ago we have enlisted Tiki Diablo aka Danny Gallardo to create our latest submarine dry ice mug as well as John Mulder for the Hukilau mug I designed as well as Tiki farm for three new mugs coming out at the end of summer!

I’m still creating wacky drift wood carvings but more design work and selling prints of my illustrations for the first time since the birth of Violet!

The Hukilau performer - tiki tony

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