The Exotics

The Exotics formed in the Fall of 1994. An incredibly tight sound, choreographed stage moves and custom band uniforms are part of the reason these boys are well known, especially to the surf music scene and the tiki community. They began their career in Milwaukee playing to capacity crowds. After becoming a regular act in Minneapolis and Chicago, they released “Go Go Guitars” in 1996. 1997-98 were spent touring the East Coast, Midwest and a winter tour of Florida. They were also featured at a surf music showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas. In 2005, the Exotics made a featured appearance on the long running public radio program, “A Prairie Home Companion” and played at Chicago Exotica. In 2009, The Exotics released the “Lost Album,” their first in many years. In the summer of 2010, the boys embarked on their California Tiki Tour, playing the state’s tiki hot spots, including Forbidden Island, Trader Vic’s and Don The Beachcomber. In 2011, they appeared at the Hukilau in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In the summer of 2012, coinciding with the release of their “Spy E.P.,” the Exotics toured California again, appearances included an outdoor concert on Huntington beach, Surf Guitar 101 convention and Tiki Oasis in San Diego, the world’s largest tiki festival. Along with releasing “Twangy Surf & Spy Themes,” 2015 saw the band doing a string of shows at Viva Las Vegas, providing poolside entertainment. In 2017, they returned to California to play Surf Guitar 101 and a surf showcase in Huntington Beach. 2018 marks a return to the Hukilau and the Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale. The Exotics also maintain their job as the house band at Foundation Bar in Milwaukee, where they make a regular monthly appearance.

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