The Hukilau - Surfrajettes bandTHE SURFRAJETTES are a four-piece surf rock act from Toronto, Canada. Since forming in late 2015, the band has been charming audiences with their clever mix of psychedelic rock and classic surf tuneage. The girls’ sky-high beehives and eyeliner as thick as the strings on their guitars are just the icing on the retro-themed cake. The ‘Jettes may look nice, but watch out for their steel-toed go-go boots…

The Surfrajettes are: guitarists Shermy Freeman and Nicole Damoff, bassist Sarah Butler, and drummer Amber Rutschmann. When not performing, the group is busy woodshedding in their secret Beach Hut, sewing new miniskirts, debating vintage gear, and day dreaming about being in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

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