Scotty Schuder

The Hukilau - Okole Maluna Scotty SchuderAn “ American in Paris” , the more you learn about Scotty the more you understand how he came to be a bar owner in Paris. An army brat, he was born in England, lived in Germany, and grew up in California. It was a girl (in this case a French girl) that got Scotty to move to Paris. Working his way up the bartending ladder Scotty entered the 42 Below Cocktail Cup and soon found himself on a plane to New Zealand representing France. In time Scotty was ready for a bar of his own, and stumbled across a closed brothel previously owned by Corsican mob. Scotty wasn’t sure why a brothel would want the name Dirty Dick, but then again, he didn’t know why a bar would either. Convenience? Irreverance? Who knows, but you can’t argue with success. Opened in 2013, Scotty and Dirty Dick has been spreading the aloha spirit and serving tiki cocktails to Parisians and thirsty travelers in the City of Lights.

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