Oriol Elias

From the deeps of the spanish tiki culture of the 70s to the authentic european tiki revival, Oriol Elias aka “The Bald Bastard” is travelling the world spreading the word of tiki.

He is a rum lover, a tiki expert, a self-described “cocktail freak” based in Barcelona, Spain. One of Spain’s premier tiki bartenders, Oriol has spent the last 10 plus years honing his craft at a number of Barcelona rum and tiki bars including Tahiti and the Caribbean Club.

The name of his web “Three of Strong” (www.threeofstrong.com) is based on the classic rhyme of the Planter’s Punch recipe: “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak”. Being the rum the “strong” on that recipe and the Planter’s Punch the base that Don the Beachcomber used to create  his famous Rhum Rapsodies, we could know what’s the concept of his blog: rum, tiki drinks, homemade and more…

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