Hidden Harbor

Hukilau - Hidden Harbor BarHidden Harbor is the type of “tiki moderne” bar that would fit into any major city, in the vein of Chicago’s Lost Lake or San Francisco’s Smuggler’s Cove. It opened its doors in January of 2016 in Pittsburgh’s affluent Squirrel Hill neighborhood, with a deep rum bench and a split-identity vibe: a clean, nautical design on one side of the space; darker, jungle-esque decor on the other, all beneath the watch of a seven-foot-tall tiki idol. In short time it has garnered much critical acclaim and a huge following of customers in this old steel town. Innovation is not limited to just the menu, but such customer education/marketing programs like The Tiki Time Machine. And of course as Hidden Harbor co-founder Adam Henry says “Oh yes, can’t forget our terrible winters. We’re longing for tropical escapism.”

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