Gold Dust Lounge

A stylistic smash and grab that goes down like shot of Pulp Fiction chased by a pint of Blue Velvet, Gold Dust Lounge‘s music is a fusion of wailing ambient instrumentals stamped with retro surf rock and acid jazz. The band’s musical style draws on gritty surf punk echoed by the jazz of Ellington, Monk, and Mingus to classic TV theme songs and midcentury exotica.

“The inside of Mofsky’s head is like a tour of your cool neighbors garage, the one with the recording studio in it”, says the Sun Sentinels Ben Crandell. “There are guitars and amps, old skateboards and surfboards, Miles Davis albums next to those of Debussy and Sonic Youth, a console TV set once home to Gilligan’s Island, Bonanza, Hogan’s Heroes and Lawrence Welk, some Bettie Page pictures, fliers from an assortment of Brooklyn and Wynwood bars, a poster for A Fistful of Dollars and a roll-up movie screen that might have flickered with 16mm scenes from Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women.”

Website: | Facebook: The Gold Dust Lounge

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