The Hukilau is produced by Idle Hands EventsDuring its’ 16+ year history, The Hukilau has been nourished  by a number of dedicated people, including the founders, a fantastic volunteer staff, and of course the villagers who come year after year to support the Mai-Kai and the tiki community. In 2014, some ner-do-wells known as Idle Hands, LLC had the good fortune to stumble upon this amazing experience and community.

Since then the Idle Hands crew, led by Richard Oneslager, have been committed to supporting this event, sharing the love of tiki, and spreading the aloha spirit.

They are committed to creating an experience that honors the rich history of tiki, celebrates the Mai-Kai, supports the ardent tiki community, and to provide a welcoming environment to all who want to learn more about this special community.

Our singular focus is to provide the most amazing and immersive event for our villagers. Our goal is to bring the aloha spirit to all that we do.