• “ The Hukilau™ is the best and most intimate Tiki weekender I’ve attended. It’s where Tiki royalty meets at the best historic Tiki bar in the world, the fabulous Mai-Kai. It’s also where I met most of my Tiki friends. It was the first Tiki event attended and it’s where I fell in love with this exotic group of people. The first Tikimentary was entirely shot at The Hukilau™, and it’s an homage to the event. I just love The Hukilau™!”

    Duda Leite – Filmmaker, ‘Tikimentary’
  • “As a Tiki event virgin, The Hukilau™  was an orgasmic experience that put a smile on my face. A LONG weekend of Tiki parties, live music, mermaids, pool parties, the Mai-Kai and of course the odd rum or two; makes this a must event` on your Tiki Calendar.”

    Ian Burrell – Global Rum Ambassador
  • “Each year, The Hukilau™ brings together tiki lovers from around the world to form a perfect solar system: Planet after planet of amazing musicians, artists, speakers, performers, vendors and more, all drawn to orbit around the brilliant sun called the Mai-Kai, the most perfectly preserved mid-century tiki palace in the world. The Mai-Kai provides both the beacon and the inspiration for the thousands that come each year to celebrate tiki culture in a vibrant and creative setting.”

    Martin Cate – Owner, Smuggler’s Cove and Rum Expert
  • “ The Hukilau™ is always a big highlight for me. It feels like family and the event features the most magical place that there is left in Tiki, the Mai-Kai!”

    Jochen Hirschfeld – Filmmaker, DVD of Tiki
  • “I love  The Hukilau™ for uniting old Tikiphiles with new idol seekers, and for uniting all the colorful facets of Tiki culture, the art, the cocktails, the fashion and the music in one wonderful weekend.”

    Sven Kirsten – Author: Book of Tiki and Tiki Modern
  • “The Hukilau™ has been riding the ever more powerful wave of the Tiki revival and shows no sign of breaking any time soon. It is the best Tiki party anywhere.”

    James Teitelbaum – Author: Tiki Road Trip
  •  “The Hukilau™ is my favorite event of the year. The vibe is good, the music is awesome and the people are great! It’s one of the best times to visit The Mai-Kai!”

    Kern Mattei – Manager of The Mai-Kai
  • “Take a thousand hard-core Polynesiacs all radiating good vibes and aloha spirit, dressed in their finest vintage Tiki wear and jewelry, put them in the Mai-Kai with the world’s best live exotica and surf bands, and you have my idea of heaven. The Hukilau™ is the Tiki party of the year. I wish it was every week.”

    Jeff ‘Beachbum Berry’ – Author: Grog Log, Taboo Table, Intoxica, Sippin’ Safari, Potions of the Caribbean

Exotic  Tunes!

Each year The Hukilau™ features exclusive live musical performances by artists from around the globe! Five nights of the best in live hapa haole, surf, lounge, rockabilly and exotica!

Featured  Symposiums!

From decor to destinations, from fishtails to cocktails, and tattoos to how-to's, The Hukilau™ features exclusive guest speakers for a one of a kind mid-century mod-u-cation experience!

Special  Guests & More!

Join The Hukilau™ for a myriad of special guests, performers, events, activities and surprises as we embark on another 5-day Polynesian Pop Adventure in America's Vacationland!