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The Left Arm of Buddha

The Left Arm of Buddha is what you call an “exotic” orchestra. On stage, you can find the spirit of the Tiki culture and burlesque all inspired by music born in USA during the 1950’s. This is Exotica!

The Left Arm of Buddha propose to take you on a journey through tropical locations around the world, to popularize the Exotica style which includes exotic percussion (marimba, vibraphone, bongos, congas, gongs, drums, a horn section (flute, saxophone), piano / organ, bass & guitar.

It includes original arrangements of popular songs that represent the sounds of Polynesia, Africa, Asia or the Amazon. All in a joyful, sensual, dynamic, hypnotic show, to surprise and intrigue a wide audience.

The band is made of eight experienced musicians from the European scene, a sound & video engineer, a light engineer, and several dancing girls. Actually, it’s what we like to call, an exotic review … an original and rare offer on the worldwile scene!
Their first record is now available – “Exotica and other Savage Stuff!”

Left Arm of Buddha