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Paul Roe: Mark of the Beast – Animal Spirits Tattooed

Mark of the Beast – Animal Spirits Tattooed

In Samoa it’s fruit bats, on Rapa Nui it’s frigate birds – Animal spirits tattooed into human skin. What do these totem spirit animals say about us? What are the meanings behind the shapes and patterns? In this symposium we will explore the vast array of animal tattoos from ancient to modern, presented by Paul Roe from Britishink Tattoos in Washington DC.

Do you carry the mark of the beast?

About Paul Roe:
Paul is the owner and head artist of Britishink Tattoos in Washington DC; he has researched the vast field of tattooing for the last decade and written articles for industry press as well as being featured in The Washington Post, The Japan Times, The Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal. He has appeared on National Public Radio and lectured at The Smithsonian Institute and Maryland University. His work can be viewed at

Paul Roe