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Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid (Medusirena)

Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid (MeduSirena)’s retro-pop style performances are the result of her lifelong enthusiasm for the preservation of retro-aquatic & Polynesian pop culture entertainment. This has led to performances at revered Tiki temples such as the Hawaiian Inn -Daytona Beach,The Mai-Kai -Fort Lauderdale, Don the Beachcomber, and Bali Hai on the California coast. Marina’s retro-styled sub-aquatic performances continue to be enjoyed by audiences worldwide from the Vquarium in Macau, to Las Vegas, Nevada, Palm Springs and at Tiki events such as to Mojave Oasis, Modernism Week & Tiki Oasis. On the Media circuit, Marina’s Poly pop & aquatic work has been featured in variety of publications, including Bachelor Pad Magazine, Pirate’s Magazine and Tiki Magazine (both as a feature story and as Dream Wahine) to name just a few. Marina was even made into a comic book character, appearing in Jim Balent’s ‘Tarot- Witch of the Black Rose’. She preaches her love of all things “Aquaticat” and Tiki in documentaries such as Duda Leite’s ‘TIKIMENTARY’ and PBS’ ‘Plastic Paradise’.

Marina now continues to do her part in helping to preserve retro-style entertainment venues, performing underwater shows at the Yankee Clipper’s famous Wreck Bar for the last 7 years. She began training swimming apprentices in 2008, and now has a “Pod” of eight performers– AKA “Aquaticats”, who also perform at the Wreck Bar and worldwide. A “Renaissance Waterlogged Wahine”, she also has gained some notoriety as a photographer as well as a Taiko performer with Ronin Taiko, and is a “perpetually beginning” Shamisen student (a three stringed traditional Japanese instrument).

Marina is thrilled to once again wow The Hukilau™ passengers with this, her 8th appearance! What will she do next? You will have to “weight” and “sea”!